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What Is Signage And What Function Does Signs Serve?

What Is Signage

Signage serves a significant purpose in our daily lives. It’s impossible not to notice signs around us, guiding and providing vital information. The signage purpose can range from safety signs at the workplace, indicating speed limits on roads, store locations, and promotions in nearby cities to branding signs, such as the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s. Working with local sign makers who understand the importance of quality and visibility can help you create effective signage that serves your specific needs.

Interpretation of Signs:

First of all, let’s define signs. A visual display of any type might be considered signage to transmit information to a target audience.

Why Is It Necessary To Have Signage?

The most typical functions of signs are to advertise, identify, inform, direct, and warn. Let us elaborate:

#1 – Promotional Activities:

Advertising and Marketing

To begin, signage is often used by businesses and organisations to conduct marketing and advertising. While advertising hoardings are the most apparent option for companies, many other forms of signs can serve the same purpose. Wrapping a building with an advertisement or using various types of external advertising are successful techniques for promoting a company. Prints of vast proportions and very high quality may now be shown outside in any location, thanks to developments in the field of wide-format printing.

#2 – Get People to Buy:

The purpose of storefront windows and exterior signs are interchangeable to a large extent. The decorations on a store’s window may pique the interest of those walking by and entice them to enter the company. Consumers can determine if they have successfully arrived at their destination due to the commercial signage. Even before a customer steps foot inside your building or is greeted by a member of your sales staff, they may have already formed a favourable opinion of your company based on the signage they have seen. This may be particularly true for more prominent and visible signs to passers-by.

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#3 – Recognition:

Retail Signage Leicester

Most signs aim to put it plainly and make recognising or identifying a particular place, product, or service easier. To illustrate this point with a specific illustration, signage points us toward the appropriate restroom. For instance, Coca-Cola and Starbucks have developed powerful brand identities throughout history. As a result, both companies’ shops are instantly recognisable landmarks on some of the busiest streets in the world. Using identical storefronts by franchises and chains is a common practice that helps customers recognise their respective brands.

#4 – Signs for Finding Your Way:

Signage purpose is crucial in guiding people and ensuring they have a seamless experience within a facility. This is especially essential in large shopping centres, hospitals, and businesses where visitors may need proper signage. With the correct signage, customers and visitors are more likely to feel satisfied with the establishment, as they don’t have to spend time seeking their way around. Moreover, large outdoor events, such as festivals and venues with multiple buildings or entrances, can also benefit from having directional signs placed strategically throughout the area.

#5 – Indicators of Health and Safety:

Healthier Workers, Thanks To Wall Decals

When it comes to the dissemination of information on health and safety, signs are often used as one of the most critical and practical approaches. One or more might be found in nurseries, schools, childcare centres, and offices. If there is a potential risk to the general public’s well-being, warnings and information are communicated via signage.

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#6 – Appearance:

Last but not least, it is essential to remember that only some signages must include information. The main goal of a sign is not to deliver information but rather to enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of a particular location. Even murals have been utilised as signs occasionally, albeit not for marketing or advertising objectives.


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