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What Exactly Is Post and Panel Signs?

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Post and panel signs are often the most incredible option for a school, company, or organisation in terms of visibility, affordability, and durability. Given the variety of signage options we provide at National Signs, you may need clarification on what a post and panel sign is. To assist you in deciding if post and panel signage is the right option, we’ll break down this sign style.

Depending on your budget, post and panel signs are offered in several designs and layouts as well as pricing points. They may be customised with ornamental tops, poles, and specially shaped panels. Although wood is the most typical material used for poles in our region, PVC or aluminium may also be employed.

We at Iris Signs utilise cedar wood if the buyer wants to avoid paint on the post. It is a natural weather-resistant moth repellent. We will prime, sand, and paint the plywood if the buyer requests a post in a specific colour.

We place a face between the pole, which is often constructed of three- or six-millimetre MAX-metal. This substrate is dependable and effective in all weather.

The Fundamentals of Post and Panel Signs:

Post & Panel Signs UK

Monument signs, which are usually freestanding, include post and panel signage. As you have already figured, the post (or posts) and the panel characterise the post and panel signs (or boards).

The pillars house or support the panel, which serves as the sign’s natural face. These signs typically have two poles with a single flat panel in the middle. They often use materials like wood, vinyl, aluminium, or metal and are exceptionally inexpensively built.

You may choose to add elements like trim or moulding to these signs. The panel’s form, colours, and addition of your logos and fonts are all customisable. Despite the design’s seeming simplicity, there are many ways to customise it to fit your personality.

What materials you wish to use is one of the most important factors when choosing a post and panel sign for your requirements. You have a few alternatives to pick from, including:

  • Aluminium poles are used to support vinyl panels.
  • Panels affixed to wooden poles standing vertically
  • An individual wrought-iron pole with aluminium panels
  • Many other combinations

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The Use of Post and Panel Signs:

Post and Panel Signs Maker

Although many companies and institutions use them as the primary identifying sign for their building, post and panel sign systems are often employed for secondary uses. Directional, regulatory, or informative functions usually comprise the majority of secondary benefits.

Post and panel signs are often placed outside, where they are visible, close to the boundaries of sidewalks or streets. Building identification, parking lot signage, and navigation for foot traffic are all ideal uses for this kind of sign. Post and panel signs may be used for much more than just identifying a company, even though they serve the same purpose as most other signs.

These kinds of signage are often utilised in sectors including real estate, education, events, and venues. But you’ll also find them used for various purposes, such as pointing out state and county boundaries or guiding tourists.

Additional Custom Options:

We can carve the wood for long-term usage, whether you’re searching for a simple but attractive solution or something a bit more. The most cost-effective way to apply graphics for short-term use is to print them on high-performance vinyl and then stick them directly to both surfaces of the substrate for optimal visibility. Post and panel signs may also be given a nice appearance by adding dimensional acrylic lettering or logos.

When a client wishes to alter their sign, we sometimes examine it and discover that the poles are in fantastic condition and only need to be painted. Even if the poles are built of high-quality materials, environmental factors like pollution and weather may still damage the sign. A fresh coat of paint can fix everything.

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To Install Post and Panel Signage, Please Get In Touch With Us:

Partnering with Iris Signs is the best option if you need a post and panel sign for your establishment, whether a company, school, or group. We have a completely integrated workforce to assist with your signs’ design, manufacturing, installation, servicing, and maintenance.

With the support of our skilled project management staff, we can complete even the most challenging signage projects. Our 5-year guarantee on all components, labour, and signs ensures that your investment is always well-protected. We are happy to stand behind the quality of our work.

Whether you want to post and panel advertising for a parking lot, eatery, property for sale, or a school campus, National Signs will collaborate with you to create the signs according to your unique requirements. To learn how we can assist in installing panels and post signs, get in touch with us now!

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