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How Does LED Neon Differ From Traditional Neon?

LED Neon vs Traditional Neon

People’s houses and workplaces have been adorned with neon signs for decades. They were first used in the early 1900s and have since become a popular vintage accessory that is a focal point of any room’s decor.

Several lighting products with a similar appearance to neon but significant differences have entered production recently, including faux neon signs. If you’re looking to buy a neon sign, here is information you’ll find helpful. The proliferation of imitations, including those marketed as neon when LED, can be frustrating for customers looking for an authentic, vintage neon sign. However, with the help of this article, you can learn about the critical distinctions between the many kinds of illuminated signs on the market, including faux neon signs, and receive helpful buying advice to ensure you make an informed decision.

Signs Using Conventional Neon Tubes:

If you’re looking for personalised illuminated signs in the UK, look no further than Iris Signs. Our skilled artisans create neon signs by hand, bending the glass to perfection to create a unique and striking glow. With over 40 different hues available, you can choose the perfect shade to make your sign stand out. From small and simple designs to large and complex projects, we can create a neon sign that perfectly reflects your brand or personal style.

Options Other Than Neon Signage:

neon signage for nightclub

LED neon (which is a contradiction in terms) and “fake” neon are two examples of newer types of signage on the market. These signs may seem neon at first glance, but they are very different in appearance and construction.

It’s reasonable to assume you’d be angry if you purchased an LED sign thinking you were getting a neon one. Hence, we aim to clarify the distinction for you.

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Faux Neon Signs:

faux neon signs maker

Faux Neon Signs are fake neon signs that use LEDs instead of conventional neon lighting. Neon Plus provides a selection of 8 static colours, an RGB option, and several styles to achieve the desired result while delivering a bright and lit appearance.

It’s crucial to remember that, unlike authentic neon signs, fake neon signs are not produced utilising neon or argon gas. Avoid purchasing anything marketed as “LED neon signs” since they will be made using LED lighting solutions rather than neon.

Deciding to go with a fake or alternate neon design is acceptable. Your selected design or surroundings could function better in certain situations. Simply put, we want to ensure you know what you are purchasing.

Contact Iris signs immediately if you need assistance choosing the right product for your requirements.

Neon Lights and LED Neon Lights Differ in Several Ways:

Use of Energy:

Most individuals tend to pay greater attention to this deciding element. This is mainly because energy usage directly affects the costs you’ll have to pay. Finding an energy-efficient lighting system is the best action in light of this.

Neon lights often use a lot of energy to aid in the electrons’ separation from the atom and light production. Your lights won’t operate if there isn’t enough electricity or if it fluctuates.

On the other side, LED neon requires extremely little energy to operate. It is the most energy-efficient choice because of this. Moreover, they can resist variations in power without flickering or turning out.


Faux Neon Lights Versatility

LED neon lights are a versatile option for various settings, but personalised neon signs in the UK may be the perfect solution for those who prefer the unique charm of a flickering neon sign. These signs are handmade with real neon gas, allowing for a distinctive glow and over 40 different hues to choose from. We specialise in creating personalised neon signs in the UK that capture the essence of your brand or message, adding a touch of retro charm to any setting.

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Since neon lights include gases that contribute to their illumination, their installation requires more time. In the event of a glass break, the light will be inoperable until a new one is installed.

Yet, LED neon lights diverge significantly. Setting them up is a breeze if you follow the included directions. They may be bent because of their greater flexibility.

They’re built to withstand the elements so that you can use them inside or out. Safety precautions are unnecessary while using these lights in the workplace. Pay little attention to anything other than the cut lines, the given tools for blending colours, and how you bend your light. What are you waiting for? Illuminate your business with our LED neon now.


LED neon differs from traditional neon in appearance and construction, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. LED neon lights are the most energy-efficient choice due to their ability to resist variations in power without flickering or turning out. For further information, Connect with Iris Sign or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and GMB.

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