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Five Kinds of Warehousing Signs to Think About

warehouse building signage

Signage is essential to warehouse and industrial environments. The right signs can aid in preventing accidents and injuries, optimising workflow, and enhancing productivity. From floor markings to warning signs, numerous options are available to meet the needs of any warehouse or industrial setting. Professional sign makers in the UK like Iris Signs can work with you to design and create custom signage solutions that meet your specific needs and comply with industry regulations. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular options for warehouse signage.

#1 – Large-scale Architectural Sign:

Let’s start by discussing the importance of your primary fascia signage. It’s essential to make your warehouse signs as large as your budget allows, especially if you are in a high-traffic location. The sheer size of the building can often overshadow small signage, and it may have little impact. Additionally, lighting should be a primary concern, particularly if your operations run through the night. Working with expert sign makers in the UK like Iris Signs can help create impactful and illuminated fascia signs that make your warehouse stand out and ensure visibility even in low-light conditions. Various types of warehouse signs are available, including directional, safety, motivational, and more. Each serves a unique purpose and can significantly impact your warehouse’s efficiency, safety, and overall success.

#2 – The Most Common Forms Of Warehouse Building Signage are:

Flex Face Signs:

This inexpensive, lightweight, and flexible sign solution is ideal for large-scale images with no seams or wrinkles. The ability to change the digitally produced PVC skins with little downtime makes them suitable for property managers.

Lettering and Logos:

Flat Cut Letters Signs UK

Built-up writing is one of the most effective forms of building signage, but it is also one of the most expensive. When placed distant from a sign tray or wall, flat-cut writing may provide the appearance of 3D if 3D lettering is out of budget.

Warehouse Display Signs:

An essential and dependable sign tray is often one of the least expensive solutions. These full trays are made from aluminium composite and may be customised with your logo.

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Wayfinding and Directional Systems:

wayfinding signs

One of the most crucial but sometimes disregarded types of signs for your warehouse or industrial complex. A well-planned directional signage system will make it easy for your vehicles and guests to locate you and navigate about your property.

There are several ways to find your way around, including:


Professional, powerful, and makes an excellent first impression. Perfect for your primary entrance sign.

Signs on Posts and Panels:

Post and Panel Signs Maker

Post-mounted signs are a less expensive alternative that may be put around your property with your images.

Interior Directional Signage:

These interior directional signage systems are available in various materials to match your brand, including metals like aluminium composite, brass and chrome, vinyl, and Perspex. They may be wall-mounted or free-standing.

Graphics for Directional Walls:


Simple vinyl wall writing and graphics may direct visitors around your facility.

Smaller locations may need one or two strategically placed directional signs, but more extensive and complicated sites may require more.

#3 – Signage for an Industrial Estate:

Regarding types of warehouse signs, there are several types of signs to consider, including those for the entrance to the industrial park. Depending on your desired aesthetic and budget, a range of options are available. Free-standing monolith signs, or totem signs, are a contemporary and professional option that can be internally or externally illuminated. Another option is the post and panel sign, which is less expensive and can be any shape or size, but can only be illuminated from the outside with up-lighting. Working with experienced sign makers like Iris Signs can help you navigate these options and create effective industrial estate signage that enhances your brand and attracts new businesses to the park.

#4 – Healthier Workers, Thanks To Wall Decals:

Healthier Workers, Thanks To Wall Decals

The quality of our environment dramatically affects our health and efficiency. While it may not be feasible or affordable to adorn every wall in your warehouse with mood-boosting wall graphics, you may consider investing in developing several breakout spaces to assist in re-energising and encouraging your workforce.

There is a wide variety of possibilities available, from personalised images that promote corporate values and workplace culture to peaceful nature scenes that bring the outside in.

The reception area, conference rooms, and even the break room may all benefit from adding custom wall graphics.

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#5 – Warehouse Warning Indicators:

Warehouse Warning Indicators

Safety warehouse signs are necessary to protect your workers and visitors from possible hazards while assuring compliance with current health and safety laws. You will almost certainly need to examine the following sorts of necessary warehouse safety signs as a manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution centre:

  • Machine symbols
  • Forklift caution signs
  • Exit and fire action signs
  • Signs for first-aid kits
  • Signs for pedestrians
  • Floor signs and markings for warehouses
  • Signs for protective clothes
  • Warning signals for chemicals
  • Signs for scaffolding


Considering the five kinds of warehousing signs mentioned can greatly improve efficiency, safety, and organisation within warehouse operations. These types include aisle signs, rack labels, floor marking signs, safety signs, and directional signs. Implementing well-designed and properly placed signage in each of these categories can enhance navigation, inventory management, and overall productivity. Iris Signs offer expertise in designing and providing customised warehousing signs that cater to specific needs. By investing in these signage solutions, businesses can optimise their warehouse operations, streamline workflows, and ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Trusting in the importance of warehousing signs and partnering with reputable companies like Iris Signs can significantly benefit businesses in the realm of warehousing and logistics.

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